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Wealth Management Services

Corporate Advisory


Our approach to the wealth management services is to assist you in managing your wealth in efficent and effective manner with your mandate as the guiding framework taking your risk and expectations into consideration. We define your asset allocation and individual asset portfolios based on the requirements and mandate given by you. This mandate is technically discussed in detail with you before a specific recommendation is made. As a result, it is a very niche tool for managing wealth and not a mass product. Each client could have different portfolio requirements and hence a different portfolio and asset allocation.

We understand the client's risk profile and his needs in terms of liquidity, capital appreciation, income requirements, etc and after a detailed discussion with his overall psyche/personality, we determine the asset allocation and individual asset portfolios.

Why better

We believe, this model renders itself to superior expectations matching resulting in enhanced client delight. The client is in direct knowledge of the portfolio construction and understands the overall level of risk and expected returns. Basically this process reduces the surprise element due to detailed asset allocation, diversification and expectations management. We work with a fair amount of cushion to reduce the negative surprise element in the portfolio returns.

Process-Back to Basics/Discipline is the key

The process is extremely simple. The asset allocation is decided based on the risk and return.

We follow rigorous discipline in investing and are risk averse investors. We are typically less diversified(as per the general understanding).We build portfolios based on this approach and are extremely conscious of the capital protection and cost of capital concepts.

Basic concepts of valuations and market cycles are inherent in our approach. Long term (5 year/10 year) valuation averages are a guiding pillar. Market swings of pessimism and optimism or the basic volatility help us create portfolios from a medium to long term perspective.

Services-Segments and entire

We undertake complete asset allocation assignments or individual asset portfolios. For example, we could advise a client on his entire wealth and its management based on his requirement over a period of time. Or we could advise a client on his real estate or equity portfolios.

We employ the best of breed approach for the various asset allocation decisions. The various investible assets that one could evaluate could be the likes of Local Equities(direct and Mutual Fund), International Equities(direct and Mutual Funds), Fixed Income(Direct and Mutual Funds), Real Estate(Direct- Residential, Commercial, Plots, etc and REITs), Commodities, etc.

Whom do we serve

We advise clients as per their requirements. Anyone wishing to avail of the services can kindly contact us or drop us an email and we will reach you as per your convenience.


The basic concept is to work as an external arm of the corporate for its various needs. We work with a client centric approach.

Services rendered by us include:

Investor relations practice is a very niche and dedicated practice involving a detailed process driven approach to the entire IR assignment/engagement . Our background in Funds Management as well as the broking side, provides us with a very detailed insight into the best IR practices.

We assist coprorates to raise capital and provide a gaumt of advisory services regarding the same. The key is to raise the capital in the form best suited to the current life cylce position of the corporate in the most efficient manner.